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Confession .02. I Love Giving Back (A New Raffle!)

Sorry I don’t quite have photos done for this post either, but I wanted to let you all know, so that I could start it a liiiiiiiittle bit early.  Because I’m a goofball and want to give back to all of your, while I continue to happy dance and squee about the 3 year anniversary of my blog AND reaching 500 followers all in the same week.

I could not have done that without you guys!

So… to say thank you, and to give back to you all, I’d like to hold another raffle.  And I picked up some pretty awesome goodies this go-around.  Again, this raffle is not in any way affiliated with these brands, or sponsored by them.  I used my own lindens to purchase these gift cards, to give something back to you all.

Here goes the formalities again, very similar to last time…

1.) The raffles will again be hosted on Rafflecopter.Com.  I absolutely loved how smooth the process was last time, and the ability to check up on the winners I choose, and the integration with Random.Com in order to TRULY randomize the winners helps a TON.  Also, because the process is so simple to set up, I can run 2 separate raffles simultaneously to ensure you all enter one or both, and are only considered for an item you’d actually want!

2.) There are 3 ways to enter, this go-around.

  • Follow this Blog.  (Mandatory).  Again, this is mandatory as these raffles are to give back to the people who have made my three years of blogging enjoyable.  You can do this on the right-hand side of this blog by using either the WordPress following or an email subscription list.  The widget should automatically prompt you for whichever one is relevant for you.  (If you’re logged into WordPress, you’ll be prompted for WordPress following.  If not, you’ll be prompted otherwise.)
  • Visit and Like the store page for the particular store that gift card is for.  While these raffles are not sponsored by or affiliated with the stores the gift cards are from, I would like to give back to them, as well, in any way I can.  So liking their pages (or already having liked their pages) will get you an additional entry into the raffle.
  • Visit and Like the “Tivi Inglewood” page on Facebook.  This is my Facebook page (that I’m apparently horrid at updating) that is solely for blog posts, and does not have all the other stuff I post on my regular Facebook.  You can get an additional entry into the raffle by going and liking that page, or having already liked it.

3.) This giveaway will last 1 week.  It will open at 10pm SLT February 27th, 2016 (in about 2 hours), and will close at 10pm SLT on Saturday, March 5th, 2016.  (These strange end times correspond to midnight my time.)  The raffle will automatically open and close itself, so please keep in mind that ending time is FINAL, and I will not accept attempts to get in after the raffle has closed.

4.) When the raffle ends, Rafflecopter, literally, does the work for me.  It will total up all of your valid entries, and essentially put everyone into a hat.  Through its integration with Random.Com, I will be able to ask it to select a winner, and not only will it pull a name, but it will tell me which specific entry method you used, so I can go back and verify.  **If I cannot verify your entry method, I will disqualify the entry and choose a new winner.**

5.) I will EMAIL you (or if I know you, like I did with Cuddly last time, I may IM you instead) will Rafflecopter selects the winner and I’ve verified your entry method, to let you know that you have won.  I will give you a fair chance to claim your prize, but please realize people will be bugging the shit out of me to know who won.  So please have mercy on my poor soul.  Lol.  If I do not receive a reply from you within 48 hours, I will disqualify the entry and select a new winner.

6.) Once I have verified a winner, then and only then will I announce the winner on my regular Facebook page, and on my fan page.  ❤

There will be TWO raffles running simultaneously, to ensure you are entering for the items you want.  The entry methods are the same, with the exception of changing the pages to like for the stores.  BUT KEEP IN MIND, YOU MUST ACTUALLY GO THROUGH THE RAFFLECOPTER PROCESS FOR BOTH RAFFLES, IN ORDER TO BE ENTERED FOR BOTH RAFFLES.  Just because you like my page, does not automatically enter you into both raffles.  You have to go through the process.

That said… here, finally, are the raffles!  I’ve kept you waiting long enough…

L$500 Gift Card to Blueberry: Click HERE to go to the Raffle page, or you should see a Giveaway tab on my Facebook Fan page HERE.

L$500 Gift Card to TRUTH Hair: Click HERE to go to the Raffle page.  (Apparently my Fan page will only run one giveaway at a time, but I can still link you directly to this one!)

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