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All The Devil Dust And Heat Inside…

Let me drink your heart drunk
Let me dream your eyes shut
Let me get your mind off
Let me make your body talk


“I want to feel you and read between your lines.  And I can never heal you, but I can promise I could try.”

Also… Toxx, if you’re reading this, of COURSE I had to make a Devil reference.  Come on.  😀

For those of you who aren’t at BlackOut right now… apparently Toxxic is the Devil, and none of us are too bright for playing gestures in local while we’re lagging.  I mean… with between 80 and 100 people on the sim at any given time, it’s going to lag regardless of if we’re silent or not… so we may as well have fun and keep Toxx awake.

… Because, oh yeah, she’s been DJ’ing for over 12 hours straight now.  ❤

Right!  So!  What the hell is BlackOut, you ask?  First of all, where the hell you been?  BlackOut is AlterEgo’s annual party that Toxxic throws for all her loyal customers, to celebrate AlterEgo’s birthday and basically be the amazing person that she is to all of us.  This year there are, like, 16 or 17 guest designers, most of which have put up something BRAND NEW at BlackOut, so the only way to buy it right now… is to buy it here.

Toxx has been DJ’ing since the event opened at midnight SLT, and is planning on powering through until our DREAM DJ lineup begins at 3pm SLT.

3pm – DJ Turbiine //Global Bass [EDM]
4pm – DJ Dappa // Dubstep
5pm – DJ Orph3us // Hybrid Trap
6pm – Lichi Moonwall // Progressive & Electro House
7pm – DJ Rolow // Trap & Twerk
8pm – DJ Neddy // Hip-Hop
9pm – DJ Ayline // Trap & EDM
10pm – DJ Rich // Dirty Electro & Bounce
11pm – Toxxic Rhiannyr // WorkOut Muzic

And you know we never end right at midnight when we’re supposed to.  *Grins*  There is talk of an after party.

But that’s not all!  It’s not just music and shopping.  Toxxic currently has 2 raffle boards set up, one of her Gen I skins, and one of her Gen II skins.  Each Raffle enters 100 people and chooses 30 winners.  Those winners get whatever skin pack was being raffled… and it’s a FULL pack like what would be sold in the store.  So those Gen II packs?  That’s a L$999 value, just for hanging out and clicking a raffle board.

See what I mean by how awesome Toxx is to her customers during BlackOut?

Oh… but there’s still more!  Throughout the day, Toxx has just randomly been giving out gift cards that she has gathered up from guest designers and other creators across the grid to celebrate as well.

She has accumulated over  L$40,000 worth of gift cards from stores such as Doe, Truth, Magika, Blueberry, Half Deer, Zombie Suicide, Puki, Letis Tattoo, QE, AlterEgo, CerberusXing, Just Because, Sassy, American Bazaar, R3volt, Soul, Tabou, The Little Bat, Razor, White Widow, Dappa & Pixicat.

Now… you want the catch?  You MUST be a member of the Toxxic Design Studios in-world group to get in to this awesome party.  No tag, no entry.  Since November of last year, Toxx has kept the group open and free to join, and she as well as all of us have been harassing our friends to get into the group while there’s still a chance.  HOWEVER, if you’ve ignored our warnings, fear not!  You can still get into the group and into the party, but it will cost you a L$1,500 group join fee.

However, considering that one of those skin packs I mentioned earlier was valued at L$999… if you stick around and end up winning 2 raffles like I have so far (There is no limit to only being able to win once.  You can enter 1 time per raffle, each raffle) then you will have won something that MORE than exceeds the cost of the group membership.

As if all of this was wasn’t enough… everything in AlterEgo is 25% off for today only, and when wearing your group tag you earn 10% store credit to use starting tomorrow!  And for the last hugely awesome thing, there are TWELVE, yes TWELVE free gifts for ladies on the tables at the back of the dance floor.  (And even a gift for guys, if you drag your man along.)

The outfit I’m blogging today (and the whole reason I’m trying to blog in the middle of this awesome party… LOL…) is made up of things you can find here at the store either from Toxx herself or from the array of guest designers who so generously have made items for us.

Happy birthday, AlterEgo, and thank you Toxxic for being SO amazing!


*~* All the Devil Dust And Heat Inside… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Adriana Skin (Rose [Special Tone!]) || AlterEgo || Group Gift!
* This version comes with a red brow version and a browless version so you can wear your own tattoo brows for other colors.
Eyes: Triumph Eyes (Silverleaf) || IKON
Hair: Haley (Naturals) || Lovey Dovey || BlackOut 2016
Body: Lara Body (v3.4) || Maitreya
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Gesture) || Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (High) || Slink
Top: Petty Top (Black) || Cynful || BlackOut 2016
Pants: Arsenal Pants & Bullet Belt (Black & Silver) || Razor || BlackOut 2016
Heels: Tied Up Shoes (Black) || Bishes Inc || BlackOut 2016
Tattoo: Whiplash (Normal Opacity) || White Widow || BlackOut 2016

Pose: Statue 7 || Posesion Poses

Location: AlterEgo Mainstore – BlackOut 2016!

Blogging Tune: “Body Talk (Mammoth)” – Dimitri Vegas, Moguai, & Like Mike
*And whatever else Toxxic is playing while she’s DJ’ing!  Lol.


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