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I Gave You The Key When The Door Wasn’t Open…

Tell me here…
Where are you now that I need you?
Where are you now?


Well good morning!

What am I doing at 7am on a Monday morning?  Not sleeping or dreading the Monday… nope!  Collaborating with a pretty boy!  *Licks*

Nah, but for real.  He’s a recent convert to the modeling… and potentially blogging… world.  So play nice with him.  I think he’s killer, but I dun think he thinks it yet.

He doesn’t really have a blog of his own at the moment, so while I work on that with him… *cough cough*… I may drag him over here as a ‘partner’ per se, to help out the menfolk a little bit.  Since I’m sure y’all are tired of the girly stuff all the time.  Lol!

I dragged him over to pose with me mostly because I found a whole bunch of couples poses from KaTink in my inventory that I hadn’t even opened yet.  And hadn’t really had a reason or means to use them… so what better to do on a sleepless Monday morning, right?


And of course I had to rock some Pentatonix this morning too.  The original of this song actually has Beiber in it… whether it’s his song or someone else’s that features him, I have no idea… that’s how little I follow anything Beiber.  I mean, I even went to listen to that “Love Yourself” song that everyone is raving about and I still just can’t feel it… Beiber just doesn’t do it for me.

The video however, for PURPOSE?  That was pretty powerful, and I loved it.  Just not so much the song.

Perhaps I’ll look for a cover.  Maybe it’s Beiber’s voice that makes it ick for me.  LOL.

But either way, I figured I’d pop a post out here, post holidays, especially with the opportunity to drag someone else into it.  Because why should I suffer my sleeplessness alone, right?  Lol.


*~* I Gave You The Key When The Door Wasn’t Open… *~*

— Styled by Tivi —
Shape: MINE
Skin: Layla Skin (Caramel Tone) || AlterEgo
Eyes: Hope Eyes (Forest) || IKON
Hair: Hair Fair 2015 004 (Gothics) || Besom
Body: Lara Body (v3.4) || Maitreya
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual) || Slink
Freckles: Odd Beauty Freckles || Besom (formerly Milk)
Top: Wynter Vest (Dusk) || Cellar Door || We ❤ RP (December)
Jeans: Mia Jeans (Black) || Blueberry
* Wearing the “Tucked into Boots” version; also comes with ‘regular’ version
Boots: Laced Moon Boots (Naturals #1) || RARE Gacha Item || Reign || N-21
Necklace: Aurora Collar (Black) || Cellar Door || We ❤ RP (December)
Chest Tattoo: Southpaw (Black; Chest) || White Widow
Arm Tattoo: Southpaw (Black; Arms) || White Widow

— Styled by Jian —
Shape: HIS
Skin: Damien (Box 2; Steam) || 7 Deadly Skins
Eyes: Sovereign Eyes (Evening) || IKON
Hair: LeeJae (Frizzy Chic; Naturals II) || Tableau Vivant
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands Male (Relax) || Slink
Jacket/Sweater: Alaska Sweater (with Shirt) || Cold Ash
Pants: Sagging Pants (Black) || Gabriel
Shoes: Plain Toe Shoes (Black) || Gabriel

Pose (photo 1): Secret Love || KaTink
Pose (photos 2 & 3): Still Together || KaTink

Backdrop: Cafe de Rowne Paris || RARE Gacha Item || Rowne || Arcade (December)

Blogging Tune: “Where Are U Now” – Pentatonix Cover

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