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Christmas Giveaway – L$2,500 Gift Card to TRUTH Hair

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures today.  I wasn’t exactly prepared to make this as a full, fledged-out post until I saw the options Rafflecopter was giving me… LOL.  So here it is, a post for you to announce that I’m jumping on the Christmas Giveaway bandwagon, because I had some extra lindens this season and wanted to use it to give back to you guys who are probably some of the most amazing people on the grid.  Lol.

Here is how this works… cause I’m using Rafflecopter after seeing some of my favorite Youtubers do it as a fair way to be entirely random with winner selection.

1.) The Raffle will be hosted on Rafflecopter.Com.  RaffleCopter is a sweepstakes platform that integrates with Random.Com.  It keeps track of the points I’ve assigned to the different entry methods and offers you that many entries per option you choose to take part in.  It’s just like adding tickets to a hat in RL.  (i.e. The only mandatory option is to follow my blog, and it’s worth 2 points.  2 points would be like putting 2 tickets with your name on it into a hat for the giveaway, instead of just one.)  At the end of the giveaway, Rafflecopter will total all the entries up, and will select a winner at random **INCLUDING THE ENTRY METHOD THEY USED FOR THAT PARTICULAR ENTRY**, which will allow me to verify, and then notify/announce the winner.  It is selected entirely at random, which is why I love it… the only way to be completely, 100% fair to all involved.

2.) There are 5, yes 5, different ways you can earn points.  And only one of them is mandatory.

  • Follow this Blog.  (Mandatory)  You can do this either via the WordPress follow option, or the email subscription list.  This method gives you 2 points, and you can obviously use this method only once.
  • Leave a comment on this blog post.  The entry method on Rafflecopter will tell you the specific “instructions” for what to leave a comment about.  This method gives you 4 points, and will only count once.
  • Visit my Facebook “fan” page that I made for Tivi, which will be a place that will solely have my blog posts on it.  (This will be an option for those of you who like seeing what I style, but dun really like all the ‘life’ stuff I post on my actual Facebook.)  Visiting the page will give you 1 point, and will count only once.
  • Like my Facebook “fan” page that I made for Tivi.  Liking the page will give you 1 point, and will count only once.
  • Tweet a message.  Have a Twitter?  The entry method on Rafflecopter will tell you what message to tweet.  This method gives you 1 point, and you can do it once per day during the time of the giveaway.

3.) This giveaway is quick running, and I’m sorry about that.  Future giveaways will run for at least a week, but after finally getting this one finalized tonight and wanting to make sure it is truly a Christmas giveaway, you will be able to enter any time from RIGHT NOW until 10pm SLT on December 23rd, 2015.  (I know that’s a weird time, but basically, that makes it midnight my time on the 24th.  This gives me time to choose a winner on Christmas eve and get the prize passed over before I need to be with my family on Christmas Day.)

4.) When the giveaway ends, literally, Rafflecopter does the work for me. It will total up the entries, and when I ask it to select a winner, It will show me an ‘entry card’.  This will show me the name you put on the card, the email you used (which will allow me to email you and notify you that you won), and the entry method you used for that particular entry.  This will allow me to verify that entry method.  So if it says you Liked my Facebook page, and you did it to get the point and then immediately unliked it, then I won’t see it on my page and will be able to move on and choose another winner.

5.) I will EMAIL you when Rafflecopter selects you and I’ve verified your entry method, to let you know you won and give you a chance to accept your prize.  People will want to know and will be bugging the shit out of me, but please get back to me asap.  I will, however, give you 48 hours to reply to that email, accepting your prize.  If I do not receive a reply from you, then I will move on and select another winner and repeat that process with their entry card.

6.) Only once I have a verified winner, will I announce it on my regular Facebook page and on the Fan page.  ❤

Alright.  That’s enough of the Terms and stuff, yeah?  I’ll give you the link for the Rafflecopter page!

Click HERE to go to Rafflecopter and begin your entry methods.  ((And if I didn’t say it before, the blog post that the comment must be on is this one, btw.))

8 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway – L$2,500 Gift Card to TRUTH Hair

  1. What a wonderful thing to do Tivi!!! Great Holiday spirit and paying it forward is always an amazing thing to do. Have a lovely Holiday season and a truly fabulous new year! ❤ ❤

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