Who You Gonna Pray To When You’re There?

Oh, don’t be scared about it
Don’t forget it was real
Do you remember the way it made you feel?
Do you remember the things it let you feel?


“Call me when you’ve made up your mind, but you won’t.”

Gah!  There’s another round of The Epiphany open!  *Dances*

I think The Epiphany has to be one of my favorite Gacha events on the grid at the moment… not because of the creators or the items or the themes or anything of that nature, because I’m about as fickle as most people when it comes to that kind of thing.  Sometimes one event’s theme appeals to me, and other times I find myself thinking, “THAT’S the theme you’re going with?”  No, the reason that The Epiphany is my favorite, is because it’s PRACTICAL.

I /may/ have explained this before when I blogged Epiphany items from the last round, but the way it works at The Epiphany is you play the gacha machines like normal, get the things you want, etc etc.  But rather than having to try and sell the extras, or give them away, or end up with a bunch of useless extra commons in colors you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, let alone have a use for, you can simply rez them on the ground and choose to “Redeem” them for Epiphany Points!

What are Epiphany points?  That’s the super exciting part!  People that like exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else should probably lean forward and pay extra close attention.

Epiphany points are what you use to get EXCLUSIVE items that the Designers have created for that round.  These items CANNOT be found in the gacha machine and CANNOT be purchased outright.  And, to my understanding, they will not be available after the event.  Epiphany points are the ONLY way to get these items.  Sometimes they’re an additional piece for the set, sometimes they’re an exclusive color variation, other times they’re something completely different.  I remember the first item that was an “Exclusive” bought with Epiphany points that I got from the last round was a gorgeous Dead Dollz gown.

So I popped over to The Epiphany last night… and it was almost ironic.  I couldn’t have planned it better.  I was walking around, playing each machine I liked a couple of times… just to feel it out and see how lucky I was for the night… lol.  Got some things I really wanted in the first few pulls.  And all the while, I’m in a Skype call with an old friend who has been mostly absent from SL for the last 2 years of so.

I’m going to give you a minute to pause and imagine everything this man has missed in the last 2 years.  LOL.

He knows what Gachas are, but hasn’t really played them… so I was explaining to him the concept of not only Gachas, but The Epiphany, and he mentioned that he knew some people get addicted to them.  He asks me, “Are you addicted to them, Tivi?”  I laugh and tell him not really, but that there are a few designers whose machines I play religiously, and will likely play until I have a full set, because I just always love everything they put out.  Designers like Aisling, Zenith, Kibitz, Haste.  And as I was saying this, I was walking past Zenith’s booth… and what did I see, but yet another machine that I feel like I’m going to be playing quite a lot in the coming days!

For now, I just pulled twice, and managed to grab this dress and the adorable handbag, and just had to throw it together.  There was a gorgeous patch of flowers overlooking the lake and frozen mountains of the Epiphany sim decoration, so after styling this with a few more odds and ends, including a Rare complete tattoo set that White Widow is offering in their machine at this round of The Epiphany as well, I went back to the sim to photograph this look.

My encouragement to you would be to check this event out.  If you’ve ever been frustrated with having nothing to do with your extras, this particular event solves that problem splendidly, along with having some pretty amazing creations from some of the most talented artists and designers on the grid.  I’m sure I’ll be frequenting the event during this round to pick up pieces I’m missing.

The other thing I’m wearing today that’s new, is another update to the Lelutka mesh head.  Today I received version 1.3, which is compounding on the recently released “Expressions” concept.  Just a few days ago, the Express Yourself button was added to the HUDs to allow for facial expressions with 3 eye options, 4 eyebrow options, and 7 mouth options… but now it gets event better.  Version 1.3 comes with gestures that will allow chat commands to activate certain expressions in 8 second cycles… but here’s the part I’m super excited about: There is a new API that will allow for things like Photo props to change the expression AND for accessories like piercings and eyelashes to MOVE WITH the Expressions.  I think this is one thing people have been longing to see, as I’ve seen several asking for updates to the lashes, or the ability to wear their own… which you can currently do but they don’t blink with your eyes.  With this new API, there comes the ability for creators to change this… and I’m really watching on the edge of my seat to see where this goes!  Creators who want more information about this API can visit Lelutka’s page HERE.

(Also, it should be noted, that this song, and my incessant playing of it for the last 24 hours is entirely Genesis’ fault.  LOL.  He linked me to this, and then he linked me to an acoustic version, and I’m just in lurrrrrrve with this man’s voice.  And the backbeat to this version is just so… different.  It’s such a fusion of everything I love.  Gah!)


*~* Who You Gonna Pray To When You’re There? *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Default Lelutka Stella Head  (Artic Tone) || Glam Affair (from Lelutka Head HUD)
Eyes: Deadshine Eyes (Wight; Verdant Pupil) || IKON || on sale through Oct 31st!
Hair: Lucrecia (Gingers) || Truth Hair
Head: Stella Head (v1.3) || Lelutka || **new update 10/23/15**
Body: Lara Mesh Body (v3.3) || Maitreya
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant 1) || Slink
Nailcolor Applier: Half Glitter Fall 2015 || -{ZOZ}- || **new location 10/22/15**
Eyeliner Applier: from Chrissy Skin Head Applier (Ivory Tone) || Swallow
Lipstick Applier: Winterberries Lips || Zibska || *”blend” lowered to lighten color*
Dress: Spiked Dress (Grey) || Common Gacha Item || Zenith || The Epiphany
* This is exclusively for the Maitreya Lara mesh body and is not guaranteed to work with others
Boots: Adrianna Boots || Pure Poison || Collabor88
Nosechain: Faust Nose Chain (Gold) || RandomMatter
Handbag: Leather Bone Handbag (Rose) || Common Gacha Item || Zenith || The Epiphany
Full Body Tattoo: Southpaw (White) || RARE Gacha Item || White Widow || The Epiphany
* Maitreya/Eve/Belleza/Sking Brazilia Doll/TMP/Omega appliers & Slink Hand appliers included

Pose (photo 1): Runway I 5 – Level 4 || Vitalis Animatum
Pose (photo 2): Big Coat 6 – L4 || Vitalis Animatum

Location: The Epiphany

Blogging Tune: “Do You Remember” – Jarryd James


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