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Blood Thicker Than The Champagne…

Ooo, we’re makin’ moves
You only doin’ what my power lets you do
You see, that money isn’t everybody’s thing
When it come to power, there can only be one king


“Blood is thicker than water, but b.s. is the thickest.”

It’s amazing how I can blog something and completely believe in it, and then, like, 10 minutes later, completely flip my opinion.  No catalyst, no nothing.  Just be thinking more about it and realize just how damn mad I am about it.

Because you know… I’ve been the supportive friend for a long time.  I’ve smiled and nodded when inside I’ve been SCREAMING, “This is a baaaaaaaaad idea.”  And even when we were together, I told him, “I will 110% support anything you choose to do, except taking her back.  That is the /one/ thing that will make me leave.”  And still, somewhere in his mind, going back to that… mess… was a better option.  A better idea.

And going back, only lead to the most recent break-up with the outing situation.  That I STILL can’t wrap my mind around how he just has seemed to up and manage to forgive her.

I honestly don’t think I can smile and nod anymore.  Because it’s a bad idea.  She’s a bad person.  And I used to think he deserved better.

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and yet expecting different results… and that has been what I’ve observed from this man the entire time I’ve known him.  She comes across so sweet sometimes.  She’s one of those people that’s /really/ good at showing one face to other people, but being a completely different person behind closed doors.

I’m not terribly certain how comfortable I would be conducting an SL relationship with someone who made me break up with my RL partner whom I live with (yeah…. don’t get me started… I think I’ve commented on that before…), rezzed spy equipment in my sim to make sure I’m not back with said RL partner in SL… verbally abused me when I found said spy equipment and ended it with her… outed very personal real life information of mine the next time we broke up, with no regard to me as a person or as the person she supposedly loved… I don’t know how I could possibly forgive and forget all that and just go back into a relationship like nothing happened.

And I have ZERO idea how I could do that and EXPECT IT TO WORK THIS TIME.

I’m just over here beating my head against the desk in frustration like… I used to think he was a good person under bad influence.  And I clung to that idea so damn tight.  When everyone else told me otherwise.  When everyone else tried to make me see things he was doing that had nothing to do with her.  Decisions he was making on his own to betray and screw over his friends.  I refused to see it.  “She makes him this way,” I repeated, like a broken record.

Like a damn mantra that made my pathetic defense of him ok.

No more.  All doing this has ever done has allowed him to keep some sort of power over me, and that sure as hell isn’t healthy for me.  Not in the slightest.  Sometimes listening to other people can be a good thing, and it’s time that I start listening to my family and friends who actually give a damn about my well-being, telling me that this friendship and caring that I have for this man is not a good thing.  My closeness to him is detrimental to me.

So, my apologies that this is super ranty and rawr.  And that it’s a complete flip of yesterday’s blog.  And perhaps it’s even reminiscent of “old Tivi”, spilling tea all over the damn place… but I just… god damn, I’ve held back too much for too long.  And when you personally make a fool out of me by doing the same stupid shit when by now you should KNOW better… hell nah.  I’m done.

I’m out.  I’m not putting you back together when she does something else to ruin you.  Not my circus, not my monkeys.


*~* Blood Thicker Than The Champagne… *~*

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2 thoughts on “Blood Thicker Than The Champagne…

  1. You are one hell of a bitch who really does not know their facts, I happen to know the people you are attacking here and am fed up with them holding their tongues and not fighting back. In a way I admire their stance that they can turn round and say well its lies by add fuel to the fire. But this time I am standing up for them to show them they do have support.

    There is a term you would use for what you do and that is cyber-bullying. I suggest you look it up and study it and maybe your will realize the pain you are inflicting on all the people you attack.

    Good journalists and bloggers write based on fact something you seem to sadly lack in any of this. Or maybe its just plain jealousy


    1. I’m sorry to hear you feel that way, Mercy. (I’m also sorry to say that I don’t recognize your name as someone I know? If I’m correct and indeed we don’t know each other, then I would as that you – of course – do as you say and be sure you have facts before you attempt to tell me what I do and don’t know.)

      The thing that I have done here, as I said throughout, is write about things that I was /there/ to experience. There is only one portion of the situation that I was personally not there for, and I had several people coming to me asking me to reach out to him when it happened, because of what happened, the story being the same each time. But as for what I was there for? I was there, at the other end of a Skype call, through all of it. I heard the messages she sent. I heard how they made him feel. I was there for these things. This is how I know what has and hasn’t happened. I’m glad that you know them and that you are friends with them, because everyone deserves to have people in their corner, no matter how right or wrong they are, however anything that I’ve said is from the perspective of someone who has /been there/ with him.

      I am very aware of the term cyber-bullying, as I watched her put him through it daily for weeks on end until he took her back. I watched her enlist other people to do the same. I heard how it affected him.

      That all said (not taking into account that I will not re-address that I am writing based on fact as I was personally present for the situations spoken about), I will maintain that I am not a bitch. Though perhaps I should take your use of the term as a compliment. After all, ‘bitch’ is usually used against empowered women who are using their strength against those that wrong them. I am not a bitch because I do not roll over and take it. I am not a bitch because I do not choose to – like he does – brush it all under the rug and pretend it all never happened. I am not a bitch for his bad decisions and her attitude.

      Now. This ends here. It is done and over with. I wash my hands of it. I step back, and I would suggest doing the same.

      I will not reply to, nor approve, further comments that are nothing but combative with no real substance. I invite all opinions, agreeing and disagreeing with any and everything I say, so long as it’s done constructively.

      ❤ Tivi


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