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I’m a Wildflower Growing in the Sunshine…

I’m a wildflower growing in the sunshine
Soaking up the way of life
I was raised in…


I’ve had these pictures done for, literally, 3 days.

Over the last 48 hours, I’ve been locked out of my blog, because it appears, to both myself and Tech Support that I was on the phone with last night, that someone hacked one of the plugins that was making my blog function and corrupted it.  I couldn’t see my blog page, I couldn’t get into my admin panel… even though other people could see it just fine.

Now, because of ‘security’ reasons, when the source of the hack was found, they couldn’t give me the exact IP address, but they DID give me a general location of where it was pinging from.  And that rouses my suspicion of who was behind it moreso than I’d initially thought.

But either way, after 48 hours of FREAKING out – cause this is over 2 years of hard work for me that could’ve just been gone – I’ve finally got control of my page back, the plugins are fixed and I think I can get back to business as usual.

Well, aside from being sick.  But the antibiotics are helping that.  *Laughs*

Trust me, the fact that I’m making this post… that has a bit of a playful feel to the images (and the inspiration behind why I made them… *smirks*) is a good thing.  I’m smiling more lately, and I can genuinely laugh at stuff that I find funny without distorting everything to remind me of something negative.

I guess that’s the good part of being bipolar?  Lol.  My moods swing so often anyway, I can just swing away from the pain?  I’m sure I’ll swing back into it eventually, but for now, I’m enjoying the break.

I hadn’t blogged anything really ‘lingerie’ ish in a long time, and I hadn’t had a nice trip to Blacklace in awhile either… AND I’d bought this new prop from oOo Studios that I just loved… so all of that together just SCREAMED lingerie blog post.  And so here you have it.

I’m still poking around for another good tutorial or two to follow to start doing some new things with my tablet, while working on my collection for Penumbra Spring/Summer Fashion Week coming up in May, working on a couple dances for the next couple weeks, and going back to fighting in GE a bit again.  (Yes, this means more entertaining Gor stories from the Dramaticus Goreanus… sorry… that was supposed to be a pun that was horribly executed…)

It feels good to hit things with sticks again.  *Grins*


*~* I’m A Wildflower Growing In the Sunshine… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Amberly (Lovely Day; Asia Tone; Makeup Option 1) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Hope Eyes (Fjord) – IKON
Hair: Things (Hud 01) – Magika
** Please note, I DID draw on this hair in Photoshop.  TRY THE DEMO.
Body: Lara Mesh Body (current version: 3.3) – Maitreya
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant 1) – Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (High) – Slink
Nailcolor Applier: Monochromatic Set – Nailed It  @ On9 (6 days left)
* Used with ALU Ankle Lock, to adjust ankles in pose.
Lipstick: Melancholy (Red Lip) – Madrid Solo
Lingerie: Briony (Azure Blue) – Blacklace
* Omega Appliers used with Maitreya Relay found HERE.
Heels: Aretha Heels (Basics Pack) – PurpleMoon  @ Fashion For Change (3 days left)
Piercings: Against the Steam – the Hebenon Vial
Collar: Double Chain Collar (Onyx; Chainmail Version) – Keystone  @ We ❤ RP

Prop/Poses: Follies – oOo Studio

Location: Home

Blogging Tune: “Wildflower” – The JaneDear Girls

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