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Tivi Follows Tutorials #001 – Drawing Hair

** Thanks kindly to Astralia Miliandrovic (Astralia Resident) for making the original tutorial used in this post.  Video is embedded at the end in the credits.  ❤


I did promise when I came back from a hiatus after my grandmother passed away that I would be doing some new things with this blog.  We all know that I dabble in a little bit of everything in SL, and so I’d like to showcase that more here.  After all, rarely am I naked when I’m doing anything in SL… sooooo who’s to say I can’t show you guys a little more of what I do, and blog the wonderful fashions that allow me to do it in style?  *Grins*

I used to LOVE editing my pictures.  I got a graphics tablet a few years ago and just loved trying to figure out what I could do with a particular picture… how I could make it fit the mood I was in when I styled the outfit… how I could manipulate whatever client-work I was working on.  However, when I relocated from Indiana to Alabama, I found my tablet, but unfortunately that was all I found.  Lol.  The cable and the stylus were nowhere to be found.  And thus I lived in a tablet-less existance for the better part of 2 years.

Also… when working with a … special *coughs*… copy of Photoshop, things eventually started to glitch out.  None of my custom filters were there one day, just disappeared at random.  None of my brushes were there… and I could find them in my computer, but it’s like Photoshop stopped reading its own files and stopped recognizing that brushes and filters were there.  So I had to rely more heavily on Dodge and Burn, and windlight in SL, to get any even remotely decent pictures that I produced over the last 2 years, over the last 6 months more specifically.

But that all changed on Friday.  It was my first paycheck from my RL job, and with the shitty week I’d had, I decided I was going to do something FOR ME.  All week, and for a long time, I’ve been doing anything and everything that I do… for other people.  Granted, some of it makes me happy… like designing makes me happy, but I was ultimately doing it (lately) to help out a friend when she fell ill.  I took over some event releases for her and did as much as I could do to help out.  Designing brings me joy, so I was happy to do it.  But I was still doing it for someone else.

Anyway, I live an hour from work.  We’ve established that.  And the messed up part of this first paycheck was it had to be picked up at the Podium (central location in the call center that anyone on any project can get to, in the front of the production floor room).  However, the hours that you could pick up your check were between 9am and 1pm… and I don’t start work until 3pm.  My first solution was easy… I’ll just do busywork for my trainer, right?  Photocopy papers, clean the wipe board that hasn’t been cleaned since we started, straighten up desks.  It was only 2 hours.  Buuuuut then my trainer informed me that she wouldn’t be in early that day. “Not on a Friday.  You kidding?” were here exact words.  Lol.  So instead, I got my check, conveniently loaded on a “paycard” ( a debit card specifically for my wages ) and drove the 15 minutes between work and the Best Buy, to replace my cable and stylus for my tablet.

Now, I don’t have a pro tablet… whatever the cheapest Wacom Intuous is.  Just the Pen tablet, not the multi-touch.  But still… being able to do a little bit of drawing, and having freedom with that… makes me happy.  I got it all plugged back in and redownloaded drivers yesterday and then sat here like, “Well hell… what do I do first?”

That was when I decided I wanted to do something else “new” with this blog.  And actually take you all through the process of following a tutorial.  What goes on in my head, how the process was, etc etc.  And thus, this post was born.

I hate Second Life hair sometimes and how it photographs.  Especially if you’re green screening, sometimes I just give up and erase the cute little fly-aways.  So eventually I’d like to be able to draw those back in.  So the first thing I did was look for a hair drawing tutorial.  I used to draw hair when I first got my tablet, however it’s been 2 years, so a tutorial seemed like the best thing.  I found Astralia’s, and since I LOVE her Photography, I figured she would be a good one to start with.

The first thing that surprised me, was that it was only about 6 1/2 minutes long.  I remember the first tutorial I followed was in like 5 parts of at least 10 minutes each.  Then when I started the video, I saw that she started with a base hair already on, as opposed to bald.  Got it!  I popped on some hair and shot the Before shot, pictured at the beginning of this post, and was ready to get started.

She links the brushes we both used in her blog, so if you’re going to follow the tutorial, you may want to go and grab them.  Or use your favorite hair brushes.  This tutorial doesn’t seem specific to one set of brushes.  And I fully intend to experiment with other hair brushes.

For me, my pictures are smaller in resolution than hers, so when she uses, say, the size 27 hair brush to get those nice little smooth hair-like lines… they still look big and clunky to me.  And in my after photo you can still see areas where I didn’t quite perfect my brush size/stroke.  But I feel like that will come with time and practice.

What I love about Astralia’s tutorials is that she explains enough that you aren’t overwhelmed with, “Wait!  Omg!  How did you get there!”  But she doesn’t harp on every tiny detail for an hour, to where it’s going to take you 6 days to get through her tutorial.  She has a perfect mixture of “these are skills you should already know” and “here is what I’m going to show you”.  I love it.  I don’t feel stupid watching her tutorials, and I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done.

Now, I totally cheated and cropped my After image a bit differently than the before… because, let’s face it, I hated how the bottom part of my hair came out.  And on the bottom right you can still see a little that could be fixed if I’d spent more time on it, erasing and re-drawing.  But I’d say for a first attempt after 2 years, I’m pretty happy with the result.

If there are tutorials you’d like me to follow, or suggestions you have on how I might better go about showing you how I follow these tutorials, please feel free to comment on this post, or IM/notecard me in-world at Tiviyah Resident.  ❤


*~* Tivi Follows Tutorials #001 – Drawing Hair *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Amberly (Lovely Day; Asia Tone; Makeup Option 01) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Hope Eyes (Fjord) – IKON
Base Hair: Fynnea (Gingers; no headband) – Truth Hair
** Please note, I DID draw on this hair in Photoshop.  See Before photo for more accurate depiction.
Lipstick: Melancholy (Red Lip) – Madrid Solo
Shirt: Notre Outfit – Ducknipple
Piercings: Against the Stream (Ink) – the Hebenon Vial
Collar: Double Chain Collar (Onyx; Chainmail Version) – Keystone  @ We ❤ RP

Pose: Headshot 4 – Glitterati Poses (Closed)

Location: Home

Tutorial Followed: “How to draw hair (secondlife)” – Astralia Miliandrovic (Astralia Resident)

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