We Were Never Welcome Here…

It’s who we are
Doesn’t matter if we’ve gone too far
Doesn’t matter if it’s all ok
Doesn’t matter if it’s not our day…


I dunno if you know what a Bushwhacker is… but that’s pretty intense.  You can’t really tell you’re getting drunk, until it actually happens.  Like… seriously.  Thing tastes like a milkshake.  And if my mother hadn’t explained to me that there are SEVERAL types of rum in it, I would’ve never known.  (Well, ok, aside from being carded to order it.)  It doesn’t help that I don’t really drink, so I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol of any kind.

But dang.  I was buzzed most of the afternoon.  That was… unpleasant.  I was supposed to be productive this evening.  So much for that.  Maybe it’ll be an early night so I can get up early tomorrow and get some work done.  Working on a couple new releases.

OH!  So I guess that’s something I can officially write about here now, since I’ve put out a release through them officially.  I’m designing for Zanze, specifically the Provocateur line, which is the more risque side of Zanze, though I intend to continue to keep it classy.  I dabble in gowns in my spare time as well, if the mood strikes me.  My first release was a kimono-style gown done in a pastel brocade that I put out on December 31st.  What a hell of a way for me to end 2014 and kickstart 2015.

Aaaaaand I got a super exciting notecard today.  Those of you that watched me stress and agonize for months about the Design N Dance last year, know that I may get to do that again this year!  Dancers normally don’t get to compete twice, but since this year will be the 5th anniversary year, there MAY be the opportunity for girls who didn’t place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their year to compete this year.  Since I was 4th last year, that includes me!  I’m totally excited to get more information about that in the coming few months.  I volunteered my time as a designer as well, if any of the girls who compete were having problems coming up with a designer who wants to participate.


Which leads me to the next thing I wanna talk a bit about.

Sometimes in Gor, as a fundraiser for the sim, people do auctions.  “Date” auction kind of thing, for a certain amount of roleplay time.  That roleplay doesn’t go towards your ultimate storyline… so that no one’s character development gets messed up by an auction, and also so people can’t do something like win your auction to kill off your character.  BUT, some of us have chosen to do other things than just the typical “RP date” thing.

My auction offering is a bit different than the traditional.  I’m not opposed to a bit of rp with it too, but ultimately what I’m offering is…

— 1 custom outfit made for you and given to ONE friend of your choosing.  This outfit in this form will NEVER be sold, so you and the one friend will be the only owners of this version.  Now, depending on the outfit, it may be recolored and sold in other versions, but that would be discussed whenever the situation comes up.  No one else will be able to buy the custom version made for the auction winner and their friend.

At the moment, I am not far enough along with Maya and 3dsMax to make an original mesh outfit, but I can still make something pretty kick-ass with what’s at my disposal.

After the auction ends, I will sit down with the winner and discuss things… what sort of outfit they’re looking for, their favourite colors, patterns, etc etc.  I’m open to males or females at this point, Gorean and non-Gorean.  I’d just like to help the sim I call my home. 🙂

The auction ends February 1st at Noon SLT.  You can find my board on the platform HERE.  (It’s an out of character platform, so don’t worry about what attire you’re wearing or about the fact that it’s on a Gorean sim.  It’s up in the air very much away from any roleplay.  You’re perfectly safe.)  You’ll find my board on the bottom row labeled with my name “Tiviyah Resident” and one of my more recent, mostly black and white pictures.

Happy bidding!


*~* We Were Never Welcome Here… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Artemis (Asia Tone; Makeup Option 04) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Deadshine Eyes (Frostbite; Natural Pupil Option) – IKON
Hair: Minerva (Reds) – Truth  @ Uber
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant) – Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (Flat) – Slink
Nailcolor Applier: French Manicure (Pastels) – Nailed It
Teeth: Open Mouth Pro (with piercing expansion) – PXL
Blush: Lillith Fair (Freckle Blush Only) – Madrid Solo
Eyeshadow: lilumi Eye Shadow (Blurring) – Lovely Disarray
Shirt: Pashmina Top (Blossom) – On A Lark
Skirt: Pashmina Skirt (Blossom) – On A Lark
Headpiece: Isabella Headpiece (Sand/Gold) – Eudora 3D  @ Uber
Eye Piercings: Cihuapilli Face Jewels Sidh Humble (Gold; modified) – Soedara
Nose Ring: Cihuapilli Nose Piercing (Gold) – Soedara
Necklace: Zephyrine Necklace – Zibska  @ We ❤ RP
Bracers: Viking Bracers (Bronze) – The Forge
Hand/Feet Coins: Mecca Hand & Foot Coins – On A Lark

Poses: My Runway 6, 12, 25 – KaTink
* Poses were from a sponsored gift box for Mr&Miss Model International from the Pose Off Challenge.  Thank you, Marit!

Location: Salt Water

Blogging Tune: “Who We Are” – Imagine Dragons


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