Waiting For Superman To Pick Her Up…

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She’s talking to angels, counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car
She’s dancing with strangers, falling apart


I took these pictures days ago… I’ve just not had something I really wanted to write about.  The sim is being rebuilt, and I’ve been hanging out a lot with Juivu while He’s been doing the build, so I don’t have many exciting Gor stories to tell.

However, I now have a couple things to write about.  And I feel they’re both important.

I feel like I’ve been in Gor forever.  It’s been a part of my life off and on since I first found SL back in 2008.  I started out in some southern training academy… because a friend of mine brought me a guy and said, “I think He’d be perfect for you… the only problem is, He’s in Gor…” and I had no idea what that was.  So I sought out somewhere to be taught.  He collared me while I was training, and we lived as Master and slave for about a year and a half or so?  He’s still on my friend’s list… my first Gorean Master.

But I was never really happy in the South.  Perhaps it may come as a shock to you, but impeccable manners and perfection just aren’t my things.  I’m spirited, and I make no apology for it.  I value my personality.  And so I wandered my way North, to a By the Book sim called Tyr’s Fist.  I LOVED it there.  Paragraph roleplayers… and I adored the Northern way of things.  Jarls prefer their bonds with spirit in them… and fire.  Individuality was embraced a bit more in the North, so long as you still knew your role as a slave.

But I got hurt there… and left… became a panther, and was captured by an Outlaw in a land called Clearchus.  The first thing He told me… “If you run, I will kill you.”  So a week or so later, when I ran away… heh… I remembered one of the rules in their lands was that they would not fight nor roleplay with groups that allowed female fighters.

So what did I do?  I sought a group that allowed female fighters, so He couldn’t find and kill me!  That was how I discovered Gor Evolved.  And it’s where I’ve roleplayed ever since, in a few camps.

I was apart of the Attacotti (yeah… I know… pasta pirates…)  I even had the misfortune of serving as the camp’s first girl for awhile.  I had a very brief stint in Brethren (like, a few days) with some family of mine in RP… that didn’t last long, I hated it there.  I hung around the Unknowns for a week or so before my last major hiatus from Gor… so Attacotti was really the only group of substance I was in in GE before I left.

When I came back… I was in DSO for a matter of 3 days before Chance stole me from there and collared me, bringing me to Unknowns.  I adored it there, honestly… They gain a bad reputation from others, mostly because of people like Ezio and Xander and some of the others… but as a whole, the group is amazing… or it was when I was there.  The turnover rate is kinda high… so they could be worse now… I’m not sure.  When Chance’s companion Kayla became a psychotic bitch whose entire life goal seemed to be to stalk us to the point that it pushed one of us over the edge… I left.  But in RP, I was technically still in Unks.

That is when I found Dakota and Ashes.

I’ve told this story before I think, so long story short, I ran away from Unknowns and found Vydarr.

With all the places I’ve ended up in Gor… all the people I’ve interacted with, either in brief encounters in dance competitions or in prolonged arrangements in roleplay… I’ve never met a group of people quite like those in Vydarr.  A group of people that I actually feel at home with.  That feels like a family more times than not.

Sure, like any group, they have problem children… and they have issues, they have bad days.  But what makes them different is that people don’t just give up on the group and what it stands for.  They don’t give up on the people.  And you can try to badmouth them all you want to… but the fact remains that Vydarr is still here.  The core of who they are is still here.  And it’s not going anywhere.


The other important thing I wanted to write about… several posts ago, I wrote about a woman I’d met named Taela, whom I believed had obtained a negative reputation that may not have been the most warranted.  I mean, all I can do is judge based on my own experiences, and I happen to think Tae is pretty awesome.

There’s another person in Vydarr I’d like to talk to you about.  And that is our beloved Karirah! (Kaalila).

I sorta met Kaalila as “Riddik and Kaalila”, and she was quiet for the most part… until one night we were raiding Immortals… and someone accused Karalee of cheating… quick-switching him or something… I really don’t remember.  It was towards the beginning of my time in Vydarr.  There was a whole group of us waiting on the mod call… which was a clusterfuck in and of itself.  We brought Taj in as a neutral third party mod… at the time, Taj was a part of Inveteratus… and the raid was between Immortals and Vydarr.  So the neutral mod made sense.  As the situation was being explained to Taj, Immortals completely ignored that we had a mod present, tp’d in one of their own sim mods, and proceeded to tell us this person would be modding.  Like Taj wasn’t even there.

In the middle of that clusterfuck, it was like we had to speak to the Immortal mod like a two-year-old… because they didn’t seem to understand what we were saying when we explained the situation several times… we offered Karalee’s logs (I think it was Karalee whom was accused of cheating… if not, I’m sorry… again, it’s been awhile… lol) that showed it wasn’t quick-switching… and we even offered a screenshot to confirm the logs were legit.  The whole thing wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we were taking a captive and Immortals were bitching that we couldn’t because the raid was invalid because of said cheating.  The person who claimed to be a victim of the cheating (who wasn’t even the one being taken) is the one who called the mod.

Either way… I got fed up… and made some comment about coming to Gor for Gor, not coming for disney bullshit with children, and left.  I’d read the comment aloud in Team Speak, and at that moment, Kaalila sent me a friend request.  It was like I earned it with my loyalty to Vydarr.  Lol.  I’m sure it wasn’t that.  I was still new to the group, so I hadn’t added everyone yet.  But it was still funny timing.

And from that point on, I got to sit by and watch just how hard this woman works to keep things together, she and Riddik both.  Keeping level heads when other Owners, Officers, and general members are ready to rage quit.  These are the ones who handle situations most often in the most appropriate manner.  To watch them work and to watch them remain as neutral as possible is astounding.  To watch them remain calm and polite, even when they want to rage is admirable.  These are the two members of Vydarr (aside from Juivu, my Owner), that I’ve looked up to the most.

And Kaalila sorta wormed her way into my heart in a special way the night she came to me about a particular person attempting to rejoin the group.  She told me the officers were voting that night, but she’d heard I may have a problem with that person, and she came to ask my side.  She cared enough to talk to me about it, and as a fellow woman, she understood.  It was nice to be able to explain myself and not feel like an idiot.  I don’t think she knows how much her caring touched me that night… and how much I’ve positively adored her since then.

I hope she does now.
And I hope she sees how much her and Riddik mean to me… and to Vydarr.
And how much Vydarr means to me.

I’m sure I’m not the only one.  ❤


*~* Waiting For Superman To Pick Her Up *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Cleo (America Tone; Clean Version) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Luminous Mesh Eyes (Dusky Hazel) – Mayfly
Hair: The Mir Hair (Lipstick) – Olive  @ FGC
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant) – Slink
Nailcolor Applier: Mvw Autumn Nights Set – Nailed It
Full Face Makeup: Modern Geisha – Madrid Solo  **recent release**
Top: Aura Top (White; RARE) – Muka  @ FGC
Skirt: Aura Skirt (White; RARE) – Muka  @ FGC
Head Jewel: Kenna (Gold/White) – Keystone  @ We ❤ RP
Collar: Luma’cam Collar (Gold; Rare) – A Master’s Eye  @ FGC
Shoulder Pads: Aura Shoulder Pads (White; RARE) – Muka  @ FGC
Bracers: Aura Bracers (White; RARE) – Muka  @ FGC
Boomerang (Wings): Arya Boomerang (Metallic) – EZ Weaponry
Staff: Staff of Damascus (Lunar) – EZ Weaponry

Poses: from Roxeanne Set 1 & 2 – Katink

Location: School of Gorean Dance/Dance Gardens of Gor

Blogging Tune: “Waiting For Superman” – Daughtry


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