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Like A Bottle Of Jack Straight To The Head…

You hit me like a fire, shot me like a bullet
Burned me up and down, no way to cool it
But every time you kiss me, it’s like sunshine and whiskey


It occurred to me after I made my last post that perhaps my photos are distorting and blurring because I make them too small.  They are originally 1024×1024 and I was displaying them on my blog as 512×512 because I thought I remembered pictures being too big distorting the theme of the page and making it a visual nightmare.

Currently in the preview, I don’t see it doing that… so I’m trying to make my pictures a little bigger (displaying at 600×600 now), so we’ll see if this doesn’t fix the problem.  I’m also perusing for a new layout for the blog to allow for the images to display a bit larger without being eaten by the sidebar.  So consider it a work in progress.  Feel free to let me know if these look clearer to you?

There’s nothing incredibly special in this post.  Not that I don’t adore the clothing and things I’m wearing… I do!  Some of my favourite designers are featured this go around… but they are mostly old releases and things that were laying around in my inventory that I felt like wearing.

My Jarl seems to like my Lola’s on me… and so I was looking to put together and outfit that was still ‘me’, but leaving my chest bare so I could wear them for Him.  And of course the hair needed to cover the important bits, in order to be appropriate for blogging.  And so going back into my arsenal… I mean, my inventory – heh… I threw this together, and thought I would share it!

Also… I’ve started to get a bit bolder in my photo editing… doing more hand-drawing of shadows and highlights to try and make certain features more prominent.  (Like the highlights in the hair of these photos.)  Because I share the opinion of those who get irritated when they see something amazing looking in a blog post, only to buy the item and have it look nothing like I think, because the photo was over-photoshopped, I will do my best to indicate if something has been photoshopped.  Something like “highlights enhanced” or “shadows added”.  I try to do as little as possible on things I’m showcasing for actual sponsors… but I will do my best to indicate edits that I’ve made, so you know what to expect if you purchase the item I’m showing.


So, how about a story from Gor!

I find it very interesting how little roleplay seems to be valued in Gor Evolved (GE), as opposed to BtB.  Most places in BtB, you can run into people roleplaying in the open, and actually embracing their respective roles.  Slaves who are dancers can find themselves dancing a bit in the tavern… Blacksmiths will be in their place, making branding irons, collars… and for that matter Blacksmiths are sought after for things like removing a collar and the like, as opposed to god-modding, “Oh, it’s a key collar.”  Bitch, please… I live in the North.  Torvie collars are often bolted or welded.  You need a Blacksmith for that shit!

I just seem to have become fortunate enough that my Owners value roleplay and actually like to participate in it occasionally.  Yesterday, the three of us actually roleplayed together a bit.  My Jarl and Mistress were giving each other shit in various ways… Him trying to disrobe her, She throwing a hissy fit and storming off into the bedroom, threatening to wear pants and a sweater, Him threatening to collar her if she started dressing like a Man.  And I was cooking dinner.  Dinner was cooked, served, and eaten together, in roleplay.  It was a really nice moment, and something that I didn’t realize how much I’d missed until it happened.

Of course, it can’t be all sunshine and rainbows, right?

During said roleplay, our group was trying to get numbers to go raid.  (Please note: Not rescuing one of our own. Just a regular raid.)  When the call went out, asking for people who were interested, my Mistress actually spoke up and said that she couldn’t, because she was roleplaying.  Most places I’d been in BtB would’ve responded with, “Ok, no problem.  Thanks for the answer, though!” or something similar.  The response that we received?  “Perhaps rp could be paused to pew and get a cap?  :P”

All in all, it wasn’t a disrespectful or douchebag-ish response or anything.  It was just a question.  But it still sorta brought me back to the reality of GE… raiding will always be valued over RP.  Now, if it were a RESCUE to go and save one of our own, then I would totally understand pausing RP, getting them out, and then coming back.  But raiding should be incredibly voluntary.  You shouldn’t feel like you’re going to be questioned or looked at as any less dedicated if you choose to stay home from a raid and roleplay instead.

We stayed and roleplayed.  But that question still turned over in my head for quite some time.  It still kinda does.

Needless to say, I am incredibly blessed with my Owners.  And I learn more reasons why every day.  ❤


*~* Like A Bottle Of Jack Straight To The Head *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Rose (India Tone; Makeup Option 2) – Glam Affair  *recent release*
Eyes: Luminous Mesh Eyes (Dusky Hazel) – Mayfly
Hair: Forgotten (Brunettes) – Spellbound  *highlights&shadows enhanced*
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant) – Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (Flat) – Slink
Breasts: Tango Deliq Fitted Mesh Breasts – Lola
Nailcolor Applier (hands&feet): Dark Set (Black) – Nailed It
Eye Scar: Scar Tissue (Strong; Right) – Soedara
Skirt: Nadya Boho Skirt (Striped) – Cellar Door
Shoes: Cloth Sandals (Brown) – The Forge  @ The Fantasy Collective
Face Chain: Nativa Facechain (Golden) – Luas
Eye Piercings: Cihuapilli Face Jewels Sidh Humble (Silver; edited) – Soedara
Nose Ring: Cihuapilli Nose Piercing (Silver) – Soedara
Collar: RLV Posture Collar (No. 2) – redMint
Body Chain: Scarlett Body Chain (Gold) – Noodles  @ The Fantasy Collective
Staff: Oberon Staff – LR Weapons  *former Mystic Realms Faire release*
Bracers: Defiant Bracers – LR Weapons

Props: Captives Cross – Tia

Poses: My own, made with AnyPose

Location: Vydarr Vanguards
* Not giving a SLURL here, because this is an active, in character Gorean roleplay sim… not a place for pictures

Blogging Tune: “Sunshine & Whiskey” – Frankie Ballard

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