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Sweeter Than Heaven and Hotter Than Hell…

Louder than Sirens
Louder than Bells
Sweeter than Heaven
And hotter than Hell…


Ok, I can’t lie… sometimes I shock myself when something comes out the way I want it to.  And this headshot came out even better than I’d hoped it would.  Lol.

Anyway… I’m already distracted… this isn’t a good sign.  LOL.

Some of you already have found out because you profile creep me in-world (I’m flattered, btw) that I’ve taken steps back into Gor to roleplay.  Why?  Honestly?  I was bored with my SL… again… and I wanted a change of pace.  I’d missed Gor since I left 2 years ago… I just never really had a reason to go back… and for the last year or so, I’d been wasting my time in a relationship with a condescending, verbally abusive douchebag (Yeah… filter… there is none today…) who didn’t really know what Gor was, wasn’t really interested in it, and probably wouldn’t have survived if I’d tried to take Him in there.  Hell, there are days I wonder if I’LL survive it… then again, the situation and the camp I’ve gotten myself into are pretty intense.

But I love it.  And damn I missed it.

And I tell you what… it’s nice to raid with a group of fighters that actually know what they’re doing… it pushes me to get better.  Now, if I could survive more raids without being downed by my own people, I’d start to feel like a more productive member of a raiding party.  Haha.

But I mean, I get it.  There are people that group-hop around Gor just trying to get “in” with the “cool kids”, so groups have to be really careful about who they give tags two and who they let within their ranks.  So while it can be frustrating to go into raids completely deaf, as I don’t have group chat or vent… and it can be absolutely infuriating to be downed by a member of the people I’m trying to help, because I don’t have a group tag and they forget I’m with them… I can still understand where they’re coming from.  So I wait.  And I try to do as much as I can as best I can.

I think things are turning around, though.  I managed to survive a raid in Vydarr yesterday without getting downed by my own people.  LOL.  Silver lining!


Honestly, though, the biggest question people close to me keep asking is, “Are you happy?”  And the answering, to be completely open and transparent… is yes, I am.  It’s nice to be in a roleplay environment again, and there’s always something new and interesting to do.  Storylines are constantly changing… and with a group like the one I run around with that likes to fight a lot, there’s usually always an opportunity to take a captive and roleplay them if I’m in the mood.  Which then sorta forces a rescue, which affords the opportunity to potentially end up taken for a completely different rp if they win and feel like taking caps to force a rescue of their own.

Before when I was in Gor, it seemed like a lot of it was “Cap, rape, repeat” and that was a lot of the reason I left.  While there’s still a lot of that, depending on who you’re around and who you get capped by, I find it a lot less this go-round.

That’s encouraging.  Perhaps people have gotten more creative.  😛

Heck, the first time I was capped and was taken for roleplay, myself and my Captor sat on the floor in the middle of the tavern and gossiped about men the whole time.  That was an incredibly fun roleplay.  Then an hour later (when my cap time was up), my group rescued me and I got to go home.  (That experience was at Vydarr, btw.  Definitely highly recommended… lots of good, creative roleplayers out that way.)

While some experiences are good, some are not so much.  Toxavia raided the first camp I was with (more on why I’m not with them anymore in a moment), I got taken by a man named Raven.  Raven brings me back to their camp and hands my leash over to someone from that camp I know named Bean.  I was actually looking forward to the rp, because Bean has been teaching me more about fighting, since I’m super rusty with all my weapons, but I’d never actually rp’d with Him before.  Of course, Ghosts were raiding and in their true style of douchebaggery, their leader Sahale comes storming into the building I’d just been dragged into and downs Bean and myself.  Bean tries telling them, “Look, Raven just brought her home.  We’re not in the raid… we were just about to rp…” and Sahale kinda runs out in the middle of that and Ghosts decide not only to ruin that rp for the moment, but then to take Bean, so the rp never happened.  Next thing I know, I’m being tp’d to a different sim by Raven and when we finally are safe to come back to Toxavia, He passes me off to his Companion because He’s got RL He needs to get ready for.  (I suspect that’s why He wanted to give me to Bean in the first place.)  Either way, I’m a paragraph roleplayer, so it takes me a bit to type… and when I took 4 minutes to type a paragraph to this woman, she gets all pissy, throws me in a cage and goes OOC on me, bitching that I’m obviously not replying to her because her Companion gave me to her.  *Flat faces*  Really?  I about rp banned the woman for being a bitch… but I wasn’t really up for adding a name to my ‘clean slate’ so soon after my return to Gor.  I’d just prefer to not rp with her again.

So yeah… some experiences are awesome, like my rp at Vydarr… and others are not so awesome, like my pass-around experience at Toxavia.

And sometimes… people are just dicks in general and decide it’s an awesome idea to abandon one of their own.  I started out as a member of DSO (Dark Sword Outlaws)… I was REALLY iffy about joining them in the beginning, because back when I was in Gor 2 years ago, DSO was a joke.  Couldn’t fight for shit… their camp was one giant fishbowl… and whenever they did lose, Deth would do nothing but whine and cry about how something wasn’t fair.  But I decided to give it a shot this go-round and see what it was about.  After all, they raided a lot, and that was what I’d really wanted to try again… with my new computer, I was curious how well fighting would work out.

Not 3 or 4 days after I’d joined the camp, DSO decides to help on a rescue at Vydarr.  Yay!  One of my favourite camps!  I went along because I figure best case scenario the rescue would be successful… and worst case scenario, we’d lose and I might be kept for some decent rp again.  Well while I’m working my way through the tunnels and trying not to have my ass handed to me by a couple of really awesome melee fighters, I see in local chat Deth shouting for all DSO to tp out of this “shit place”.  I asked in Vent what was going on and all Deth said was they started insulting him in OOC.  I asked what they said, if he had copies of local, etc etc, and all he would say is, “I don’t know, they just did!”  I don’t tp out of a fight unless there’s good reason, and I didn’t consider “I don’t know, they just did” to be good reason… plus it looked like they were going to sail me anyway, so I didn’t tp out.  I’m dragged on the dock and then right before I’m sailed, I’m dragged up to camp.  Looked like I was going to get rp, which was fine with me.  I warned them that DSO probably wouldn’t come for a rescue because Deth was being butthurt, and they seemed ok with it.  Then I got sailed anyway, to ‘avoid drama’ with DSO.  Mistake #1: You fucked with my roleplay.

Then, shortly afterwards, Unks decide to raid DSO.  THOSE were some blast from the past names, let me tell you.  And I didn’t even realize that an old friend of mine was in the raiding party until I put a couple rocks in his ass.  All I see is “Direct hit on Chance Firebrand” and I went, “Chance is here?!”  Somewhere in the middle of the raid, Deth starts crying (imagine that) that someone stole keys from someone in a bubble, when DSO rules say you have to bind first, then steal keys.  Deth demanded a redo.  I was shocked that Unks agreed, but they did.  And when Unks rolled DSO again, Deth and the rest of DSO were STILL crying about cheating… and how they’d obviously screwed up the first raid on purpose so that they could wait for us to tp out to reset out meters and then run in and not let us all get back, etc etc.  I’d had enough of the whining and went into Chance’s IMs asking Him to take me… get me out of the insanity for a little bit…  I don’t think they had planned on taking anyone, but Chance ran back in and got me (Thank God!) and I had some good roleplay.

Now… with raiding being as ridiculous as it is, I could understand not being rescued right when my cap time was up (1 hour after I was taken)… I could see it being 2 hours, maybe even 2 1/2 or 3… but after 5 hours of being capped, when not even so much as 1 person showed up on the dock to check and see if I was still alive or if Chance had killed me (He DOES hold the Executioner tag for a reason, y’all)… and my comments in group chat about a rescue were ignored… yeah.. it was safe to say that when opportunity to submit to Chance and leave DSO was offered, I gladly took it.

It was definitely not how I’d envisioned that night going… but am I upset it happened?  Not at all.

And thus begins my adventures back into Gor… I might relay a bit of my journey here when I’m in need of something decent to write about for a post here and there.  🙂  Stay tuned, hey?


*~* Sweeter Than Heaven and Hotter Than Hell… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Sigrid (January; Ginger Brows; Cleavage) – Glance Skins
Eyes: Promise Eyes (Apex) – IKON
Hair: Colbie (Reds 02) – Truth Hair
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant) – Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (Mid) – Slink
Nailcolor Applier (hands & feet): Dark Set (Black) – Nailed It
Strapped Bodysuit: Asphyxia Bodysuit – AdN
Body Ropes: Dely Camisk (Blacks; wearing Ropes only) – Luas
Arm & Leg Warmers: Destroyer (Black) – Luas
Shoulder Armor: Asphyxia Shoulder Armor – AdN
Veil/Facemask: Elysian Tiamat Veil (Black) – Soedara
Foot Jewelry: Oriental Black Jewelry – Pure Poison  (Past Gacha)
Collar: Filligree Collar (Meshed) – Xanimations
Belt/Slingshot: Bone Slingshot w/ Belt Sheath – Primus Weapons
Thigh Band/Blowgun: Jasmine Blowgun w/ Thigh Sheath – Primus Weapons
Claws: Kin’ai Claws – Primus Weapons

Poses: various from Agapee

Location: Home of the Unknown
* not linking it because this is a fully in-character Gorean roleplay sim… not a photo sim or somewhere you can just pop into, but I still wanted to credit the gorgeous sim build.

Blogging Tune: “Drumming Song” – Florence & The Machine

2 thoughts on “Sweeter Than Heaven and Hotter Than Hell…

  1. I am glad you are doing something you love with your SL Tivi, that is so important! As you know I come from a Gor / role play background myself. I don’t plan on going back to Gor as for me it has run its course, however the allure of rp will always be there and I have alts to explore that with. Presently I am in some rp elsewhere and it amazes me how much I have missed it. Thank you for sharing! ❤


    1. Heh.
      It’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows… and god-modding abounds, as I’m learning…
      But I find in times when I’m allowed to do what my character would be doing at that point (i.e. fighting alongside her Owner) then I enjoy it.


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