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My Mirror Staring Back At Me…

Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go
Just put your hand on the glass
I’ll be tryin’ to pull ya through
You just gotta be strong…


Recently I was accepted as a blogger for Living Imagination by Bodza Blackadder (Bodza Mubble), and I was incredibly thrilled for the opportunity!  Amidst SL’s various issues this week, I somehow still managed to get into this round of The Couturier’s Docks and found some amazing things.  Of course, I jumped the gun, because as soon as I bought this gorgeous gown, which is Living Imagination’s limited edition offering for this round… and almost as soon as I clicked “Accept”, I received a notice from the LI Bloggers group saying that as it was a Limited Edition, she was only going to offer the dress to those who promised to blog it.

Well I promise… I blogged it!  *Giggles*  I’m not torn up I bought the dress when I could’ve gotten it as a blogger.  Gorgeous dress, and it was a STEAL!  I would suggest getting down there and grabbing one while there are still any left!


The OTHER reason I come to you tonight is SUPER important to me… not that Bodza’s amazing creations aren’t important… cause they totally are!  Equally important is the Relay for Life event I’m at RIGHT NOW, as I type this!

Some of you have seen me flailing around and ranting on Facebook about the Bid Me Bald that team Hands, Hearts, and Hope is doing.  Basically… the premise is this… exactly as the event implies… people are donating to kiosks to see myself and 11 other people going up with me bald for a certain number of days.  It’s L$5,000 per day of baldness, and we were each asked to set personal goals for the event.

What was my goal?  Kinda lofty… but it was L$40,000.  8 days of baldness.  Why?
Because we do haircuts tomorrow.  And 8 days of baldness puts me walking during the finale of Miss Colour of Couture on May 31st bald.

Why be bald for the finale?  Relay for Life is my chosen charity from charity challenge… and it was my chosen charity long before I entered Colour of Couture.  What better a way to finish this amazing process and growth experience that I’ve had during these last few months than to make one last statement for Relay for Life during the finale?  People have called me crazy… I think it’s awesome… lol.

Then again, I’ve never been the sane-est model out there, hey?

Anyway… my goal is L$40,000.  What am I at so far?
*Cams onto her kiosk to check*

This is the official breakdown, according to mah team captain.
1L – 5000L = 1 Day
5,001L – 10,000L = 2 Days
10,001L – 15,000L = 3 Days
15,001L – 20,000L = 4 Days
20,001L – 25,000L = 5 Days
25,001L – 30,000L = 6 Days
31,001L – 35,000L = 7 Days (one week)

So… by that logic, this puts me L$401 away from 4 days of baldness… almost halfway to my goal!
I’m super excited, but I’d REALLY love to meet my goal!
And haircuts are TOMORROW NIGHT!

So how can you help?  Well you can come join us from NOW until midnight here at the Party and donate to the kiosk with my picture above it.
OR you can send a remote donation through my avatar in Second Life (Tiviyah Resident).  Just PLEASE IM me and let me know how much you’re sending, so I make sure that all of it gets to the kiosk.  My linden transactions get crazy sometimes, and I don’t want to hold anything back from RFL!
OR you can tp to the sim any time between now and roughly 6pm SLT tomorrow night!  We’re taking donations to the kiosk right up until they cut out hair, which could be any time between 6pm and 10pm SLT tomorrow, May 23rd!

Thank you so much to those of you who have helped push me this far.  I am SO grateful to every last one of you.

Here is the landmark to the Party we’re at right now: The Party!
Here is the landmark to donate between now and tomorrow evening: Donate to Bid Me Bald

Thanks so much you guys!  Goooooooooooooooooo Relayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


*~* My Mirror Staring Back At Me… *~*

* Style Card will be inserted a little bit later this evening, after the Relay Party, when I can SLURL hop!  Lol. *


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