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In Another Life, I Would Make You Stay…

In another life
I would be your girl
We’d keep all our promises
Be us against the world


Hey, look!  It’s me again!

I took a trip to Collabor88 over the weekend and with some of the stuff I found there, I knew I was going to put together a Collabor88 blog post… so many cute things!  The theme this go around was Watercolors in Bloom… and I love Watercolors in general… even if I don’t wear them too often, just because my chosen hair color and skin color don’t always afford me the opportunity to be all cute and soft and girly.

But between this outfit and another one that I’m working on styling up (yes, I may post it today too if I get it done), I just needed to be girly today…

See, I was hanging out with my dance teacher last night, Rya, and she just happened to make a mention of, “Did I tell you he signed online?  Not here, but in WoW…”

I growled.

See… the “He” is the ex of our friend Kimmie… who, long story short, was the reason that she suffered from a great deal of cyberbullying from this incredibly crazy woman whom I’ve never met in my life… seriously, folks, this woman created alts and got her friends to harass Kimmie… all while then trying to point the finger at a group of friends & acquaintances of mine from a sim we used to all frequent.  It was some messed up stuff.  I’ve been very open about Kimmie’s story in the past, so I’m not going to go into all the details here again.

But in the end, Kimmie ended up over-dosing.  Not just taking a few pills to try and get attention… like… legitimately over-dosing and committing suicide.

I guess this is why I’m so sensitive about issues of bullying and over-dose attempts.


This particular picture that I took and edited… I didn’t understand why when I was working on it… but I just broke down crying.  Like, mid-edit, I just say here and started bawling.

Part of me blames the fact that I’m off my meds.  (Whooooole different story.)

But also… I guess it’s just the perspective of the photo… it’s almost like she’s there, behind the camera, taking the picture.  I’ve been missing her a lot lately, but I didn’t really sink in how much until I stared at this picture and realizing just how much my subconscious wanted to fuck with me today.  It’s seriously like she’s there.

It’s almost creepy.


This picture too.  It’s like she’s in the boat with me.  It’s just strange.

There are still days that I go to tell her something completely ridiculous that has happened… something that I said/did to Daddy… something Daddy said/did to me… being the mischievous babygirl she is, I’m sure she would still appreciate my antics.

Antics which, I might add, have increased since her passing.  SOMEONE has to fill that gap she left.  And I’m sure Daddy is SUPER excited that I’ve personally taken it upon myself to be a mischievous little brat for the both of us.  Lol.

Anyway… sorry for being emotional and weird today.  I’ve just been missing Kimmie the past couple days, and then with some of these pictures… I just… yeah.  Wow.

Also, on a more positive note… this Mish Mish elephant mooooooooooves!  It’s super freaking adorable!  I may very well feature it in my next blog post as well, cause it’s just THAT cute and I DON’T want to let go of it.  *Giggles*


*~* In Another Life, I Would Make You Stay… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Ivy Skin (no. 14; Bronze; Freckles) – RedMint
Eyes: Spectral Eyes (Field) – IKON
Hair: April (Reds; with hair clip) – Truth Hair  @ Collabor88  *~* rigged mesh *~*
Ears: Simple Ears (Unisex) – Mandala  *~* non-rigged mesh *~*
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Gesture) – Slink  *~* rigged mesh *~*
Nailcolor Applier: Dark Set (Blue) – Nailed It
Eyeliner: Liquid Liner (IN & Out; Up) – DAMNED Bodyshop
Lipstick/Teeth: Glimmer (red/teeth; Deep version) – Pink Fuel
Tank Top: Betsy Halter Tank (Sailor) – The Secret Store  @ Collabor88  *~* rigged mesh *~*
Skirt: Amy Highwaist Skirt (Milk) – The Secret Store  @ Collabor88  *~* rigged mesh *~*
Shoes: Watercolor Flowers Spandau Flat – Schadenfreude  @ Collabor88  *~* Slink & mesh versions *~*
Glasses: Nerd Glasses – Iron Claw  *~* non-rigged mesh *~*
Throat Tattoo: Heart (Faded) – YaYo
Elephant Plushie: An Elephant to Hug (Sky) – Mish Mish  @ Collabor88  *~* non-rigged mesh *~*

Location: Misty Mountain Romance

Blogging Tune: “The One That Got Away” – Katy Perry

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