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Whatever It Is, It’s Just Laughing At Me…

What now
I just can’t figure it out
What now
I guess I’ll just wait it out, wait it out…

Sail2Mar14 FINAL

Yeah, I’m done apologizing.  For much of anything.  So… if it makes you feel better, then insert an apology for following up a positive post with a negative one.

Also… yes, I said I didn’t feel like editing pictures.  However, Wylder knew I was down yesterday and taught me some new things in Photoshop that I had fun experimenting with.  So… yeah.  Edited pictures in this post.  Some moreso than others.

Anyway, amongst the crazy-ness that is my SL, I was going through my objects folder last night, looking for something to style… I was in a bad mood… so I wanted something dark… fierce… that I could just barely toe that line between grunge/dark and Avant Garde… and I found this fantastic dress that I guess I’d accepted from Lybra’s Blogger subscribo, but didn’t realize I had.  HAH.  Story of my life… my lack of observation.

Apparently this dress is available in Tiger Alley at SAVIAD spring fair… I don’t know much about it, because I’ve sorta been out of touch with the fashion community lately, aside from Colour of Couture and Gatsby (see last post for what I’ve been doing most of the time…. though I’m not sure how relevant most of that is anymore)… HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure the fair ends soon.  So jogging down there to get this gown would be fantastic.

Sail1Mar14 FINAL

This is the part where I fully admit that I probably should’ve paid more attention to group notices and done more exploring of Tiger Alley before today.  Most everyone that is close to me knows that pandas are my favourite animal, because when given the opportunity, I rarely shut up about them.  HOWEVER, white tigers are probably my very close second.  They are gorgeous, first of all… and just as fierce as ‘regular’ orange and black tiger, even if they look a little different.

Of course, that could also be me seeing the white tiger as a metaphor for myself (and others who do things outside the norm).  Just because I may look different than you, or approach things differently than you, or walk different than you, or pose different than you, or style different than you, or write different than you, or blog different than you… that does not mean that I am not as equally fierce as you.  Never underestimate me.  That’s when I’m at my best.  🙂

“I do it because I can.  I can because I want to.  I want to because you told me I couldn’t.”  — Unknown

Now… if I could only get this much motivation for the Thom Browne challenge… *Runs and hides from Sequoia*

Sail3Mar14 FINAL

*~* Whatever It Is, It’s Just Laughing At Me… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Kaelyn 09 (India) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Spectral Eyes (Field) – IKON *previous FaMESHed release; now in store*
Hair: Hair No. 14’13 (Cherry Red; tinted darker) – RedMint
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Gesture) – Slink
Nailcolor Applier: Dark Set (Black) – Nailed It
Gown: Tigress – Lybra  (available at Tiger Alley for SAVIAD)
Heels (not seen): Bordello Bonnie (Black) – [Gos] Boutique
Jewelry (Necklace, Bracelets, Rings): Kaya Collection – Lazuri
Facial Piercings: Anonymous (Metal) – Hebanon Vial
Tattoo: SyKaDeliK (Black; Medium Ink) – Para Designs
Makeup: Bad to the Bone (a MALE design) – Madrid Solo
Poses: various from the Electric set – PosESioN

Location: Misty Mountain Romance

Blogging Tune: “What Now” – Rhianna

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