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We Can Be Kings, You And I…

Light Up The Sky(We are the stars up in the sky… We light the darkness, you and I…)

It’s starting to get COLD where I am.  Like… wearing a hoodie and jeans in the house kind of cold.  Luckily, the gas company is coming over on Wednesday to do a pressure check and relight the gas heater so I can start using it for the fall/winter.

And my mother… lord, my mother… she just moved to Alabama in August to take care of my grandparents, and she just recently bought my grandpa a walker so he can move around a bit more safely and freely.  She said he likes it, but he’s going to fight her all the way when she starts having him get out and walk for exercise to strengthen his legs again.  But last week she said, “We can’t have him do it right now… it’s still in the 80’s here.”

My response?  “Your biggest problem right now is that it’s still too HOT there in October?  Screw you.”  We both laughed.

Light Up The Sky(We are the strong, and though we fall, we fought for love… we risked it all…)

As much as I hate living in Indiana… I love the Autumn season.  It’s definitely my favourite.  When my parents were still up north here, we used to do bonfires almost every weekend, whether we hosted them or attended them.  It was like a trek around the city every weekend for a couple months, one night here, another night there… just hanging out around the bonfire, talking, and pretending that none of us had to go to work on Monday.  Also, we’d all have campers out at a local campground, and if it wasn’t supposed to get too cold at night, we’d all go camping instead… build the campfire every night, stay up until stupid hours of the morning talk about everything and nothing all at once…

We had a pretty sweet set-up… a couple of the campers next to each other, and one a little farther down the way in either direction.  Each camper had at least one golf cart… and occasionally they would participate in the “golf cart parade” where campers decorate their golf carts and ride around the campground every Friday and Saturday night, throwing candy to the kids who would come out of their campers/tents to watch.  My grandmother used to joke about how she wanted to put her candy in the freezer and aim at the children… but it was all in good fun.  My grandmother is actually pretty awesome.

A couple years ago, grandma and grandpa stopped making trips from Alabama back up here for the summer… grandpa’s eyes were getting too bad to drive, and grandma couldn’t do the whole 12 hour trip herself.  The camping tradition survived for awhile… but this season, with mom and my step-dad being in Alabama as well… camping seems to have died down.

I really miss the bonfires.

Light Up The Sky(We light up the sky…)

Being in a bit of a nostalgic mood for these bonfires, I was ecstatic when CottonCandy Teardrop, blog manager for Gizza Creations, passed me this wonderful top and pants from Gizza to sorta see what I could do with it.  I knew instantly of a Truth Hair that I could put with it… one that I’ve wanted an excuse to buy for awhile!  I’ve lightened my skin tone in an effort to be more appropriate to the season colors I like to wear a little more often, after taking MVW Academy’s 103 class with MeiMei Shiu and finally understanding this season chart a little better.  But as the eyebrows on my lighter skin don’t match the tone of red hair I normally wear, I’m a bit more ginger.  Which works with the freckles.  I’m letting it grow on me and seeing how I like it.  So far, so good.

Aside from the length of the pants (I’m more of a jeans girl, in RL), this is definitely something very reminiscent of what I would wear to one of these bonfires… warm pants… nice sturdy shoes… a comfortable sweater… and a scarf if I was cold.  Not a lot of jewelry… not a lot of makeup.  None of us really cared what the other looked like.

Hell, on New Year’s Day… snow or not… we’d all wake up at 6 and 7 in the morning and go have a New Years bonfire.  Coffee and Tea… doughnuts… it was just a fun time to get together and freeze our asses off.

I was, indeed, the youngest of those who consistently hung out with my parents friends… I just happened to enjoy their company more than I enjoyed the company of people my age.  People I graduated high school with are all getting serious about their relationships… getting married… having children… and at the moment, with my relationship being long distance (even if it is only a couple hours away), being around all that isn’t really my cup of tea.  My parents friends were usually already married, and had been for quite some time… it was less discouraging to see them.

In fact, it gave me hope in my future.

(Sorry for all the RL nostalgia.  I think I’m just still adjusting to being truly on my own, with my mother being 12 hours away and my father having passed away.  It’s nice to remember the good times.  And this outfit brought back all those happy memories.)

Light Up The Sky(Never shine so bright…)

*~* We Can Be Kings, You And I *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Cleo (Artic; Clean Version) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Eyescream Eyes (Deep Green) – Slink
Hair: Winter (gingers pack; with color change scarf) – Truth Hair
Eyeliner: Liner Pack 1 (Liner 3 bold) – DAMNED Bodyshop
Sweater: Let Loose Sweater (Green) – Gizza
Pants: Let Loose Pants (Green) – Gizza
Armwarmers (under sweater sleeves): Armwarmer (small; from Nana Classic outfit) – Severed Garden
Boots: Boots (from Josie outfit, in Olive) – Severed Garden
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hand (Elegant I) – Slink
Ears (not shown): Simple Ears Hutuu (Unisex) – Mandala 
Headband: Hair Circlet (from Nana Classic outfit) – Severed Garden
Monroe Piercing: Diamond Monroe Piercing – envi
Pose & Leaves Prop: Into The Wind (single pose) – Magnifique

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