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The Time We Have is Time Well-Borrowed…

Haight Street(Holy wow… it’s Steele and Tivi…)

So I went through this couple of days where I really wanted to appear to be unapproachable.  The male gender as a whole was not something I was getting along with at the moment… lol… and being a submissive without a collar at the time, I REALLY didn’t feel like dealing with the ceaseless streams of IMs from wannabe Dominants who really just want kinky sex and an excuse to emotionally abuse a woman.  It just wasn’t on my to-do list, really.  I wasn’t in the mood for my mute list to grow more than it does anyway.

Anyway… so I styled for a couple of days in a completely dark and “Grr” manner.  I showed Steele my first one… which even kinda scared me… and he loved it.  And wanted to style with me.  I’ve always been curious about featuring other people in my blogs… and have even taken up a couple of blogging challenges to make it easier to do to… but I’d never actually gone about featuring someone else before.

So this is my first attempt at this… be nice.  And also, it’s sorta my first post for the “Pay It Forward” Project… and Steele doesn’t even know this.  *Grins*

The way the “Pay It Forward” Project works is different for everyone who chooses to partake in it.  I found it listed under Challenges on the Blogging SL feed page, and it was originally attributed to Harlow Heslop.  Basically what she chose to do was to choose someone each week around SL whom she had seen displaying a positive attitude and overall kind nature that week.  She would offer to do a photo of them and would post it to her Flickr with a little excerpt about what they did that caught her eye.  The person featured would then be encouraged to pay it forward to someone else… be it a small gift, a kind word, whatever they saw fit.  I was not chosen by Harlow, but with all the negativity that I’ve seen on Facebook and in SL in general lately, I felt like it might be nice to focus more on the positivity.

My first chosen person for the “Pay It Forward” Project is an amazing woman who is, unfortunately, going through some health issues in RL right now and so her SL and mine didn’t line up for me to get her photo done.  She is still VERY much on my list and I hope to get her done soon so I can tell you all how amazing she is (as if you didn’t already know!)  In light of this, Steele seems to be a wonderful person to kick this project off with.

Haight Street(Old enough to know, but too young to care…)

Steele and I met… lord, this is the strange part.  I honestly don’t remember who it was… but it was right after I was accepted into the Miss Metaverse pageant back in February sometime.  I got a random IM out of the blue from a woman who was actually FROM Greece (the country I had chosen to represent)… and she mentioned how she’s just happened across the website looking for who was representing her country and she loved my headshot and she went on and on about how beautiful she thought I was.  It was incredibly encouraging that a woman would just IM me out of the blue like that.  We talked a little bit about the pageant and I confessed how new I was to all this and she made a comment something like, “It’s not that bad.  Just ask Steele.”  I wanted to hide behind something or someone when I asked, “Steele?”  “Omg you don’t know Steele Sirnah?!  IM him and tell him that I told you to tell him to tell you that it’s not going to be that bad!”  Of course, I did.  And from there, he’s pretty much been my mentor.

Yes, I have taken classes at academies.  I graduated from Amici and was under the wonderful guidance of Cara and CJ.  I am currently attending Catskillz under the guidance of BonieFacio, Lua, Lilli, and SD… and they are all amazing people as well.  Cara and CJ and I still stay in touch and Cara still primchecks the hell out of me when I have something important to style for… and SD and I have had wonderful conversations about MVW and other things.  But the thing about Steele is that he never owed me anything.  I never paid him to train me when I was let go from my first school.  He just took me under his wing and said, “Here, don’t worry about them.  I’ve got you.”  He took a scared little 7 foot tall model who couldn’t pose for shit and gave me the confidence to at least GO for a casting now and again.  And any of the advice that he gives me, any of the time that he takes out of his insanely crazy schedule to help me is never because he “owes” me anything.  My trainers are wonderful individuals and I know that even if I’d never attended their classes that they would still help if I needed it because they are that kind of individuals.

But Steele… Steele never owed me anything.  Not a damn thing.  From that very first day, he could’ve said, “Ok, bitch is crazy…” and not responded.  Instead, he chose to laugh and tell me, indeed, “It’s not that bad.”

I remember a couple of days after that conversation, I was getting advice from him about sponsorships… and that was when he dropped the comment, “And put in there that I’m training you.”  Far be it for me to question him, but I’m pretty sure my first reaction was, “Excuse me?”  Like I hadn’t read that right or something.  Lol.  I admit I was still very star-struck… to be as new as I was ‘hanging out’ with and getting advice from a model with even half a name in SL… I fan-girled for a moment.  I’ll be open about that.  Lol.

So yeah… in the middle of an overwhelming situation, Steele emerged like a guardian angel of sorts.  And when everything in that pageant and that organization went horribly horribly wrong… He was still there as the voice of, “Fuck them, you’re amazing.  Go work it and be fierce, ‘kay?”  He still is.

Every time I want to give something up, I’ve got Steele’s voice in my head (and the threat of his foot in my ass) saying, “You have to keep trying.  Fuck them, you’re amazing.  Go work it and be fierce, ‘kay?”

Definitely an amazing choice for the “Pay It Forward” Project.  Steele Sirnah.  ❤

Haight Street(Let’s you and me make a night of it…)

*~* The Time We Have is Time Well-Borrowed *~*
(Will get links in soon.)

: HIS!
Eyeliner: Love My Eyes Liner – *BOOM*
Lip Makeup: Male Lip Mix (Design 1) – Madrid Solo
Tattoo: Demonology (Light Ink) – Wicked Tattoos
Jacket: Leather Jacket (Black) – Hoorenbeck (MESH)
Pants: Hefunky Pants (Black) (Bootcut) – Legal Insanity
Boots: Studs Belt Boots (Black) – Gabriel
Hat: Hunting (only cap) – ARGRACE
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves (Style B) (Black; high res) – Tonktastic
Necklace: Baphomet Necklace – Fall From Grace

Skin: Geanna Frostbite Skin (Fair) – Izzie’s (former Collabor88)
Eyes: Lovers eye (Baby Blue) – theSkinnery (MESH)
Hair: Sydd (Pearl) – Discord Designs
Ears: Steking Ears – Mandala (MESH)
Eye Makeup: Twice Shy (Selfish Silver) – Madrid Solo
Lip Makeup: Totemic (Lips Only) – Madrid Solo
Tattoo: Bliss (Medium Ink) – Wicked Tattoos
Pasties: Pasties 1 – LoLa
Scarf/Top: Miss Mara Scarf (ethno black) – LeeZu
Pants & Boots: Florentine High Heel Pants (Night) – LeeZu
Suspenders: Leather Suspenders (Black) – .Shi.  (MESH)
Nails: Metal Stripe Nails – Izzie’s
Facial Piercings: Anonymous (Metal) – the :HV: (formerly Hebenon Vial)
Bracelets: Kabuki (Bracelet & “Ring Only”) (Infinitely Black) – Mandala

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