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Lights Will Guide You Home…

(Featuring designs by Egoisme, Bellydance Goddess, and more; Photographed at Art of Submission.)
(Staring off into space is nothing new for me…)
Oi.  So.  RL has been insane lately… from being stalked and nearly attacked by one of my neighbors high off his ass to finding out that my mother is FINALLY coming home for a little bit (she’s been in Alabama caring her for her parents after they both fell in the same week)… I just kept getting sidetracked.  I’ve got another OrsiniRed blog post started, just not finished.  But this Egoisme post has a deadline.  So here’s what you’re getting to see first.
But before you get to see the other pictures, I have to brag on Aquilegia Gossipgirl a little bit.  Back when I was involved in the raging fiasco that was called the Miss Metaverse pageant, I went to Aquilegia for help.  I needed a ‘gown’ that could be deemed appropriate and tasteful, while still being able to move and flow like it needs to for dancing.  At the time, my plan was to dance in it for one of the preliminary categories.  *I* screwed up the timeline (I chalk it up to it being my first pageant and really not knowing what I was doing) and we had to make a few adjustments, but you know what, the extra time paid off.  Instead of using it for a preliminary category, I had it slated to be used for one of the Finals walks: Queen of the Metaverse.  Not that I was being presumptuous… in fact, I was just trying to be prepared in case I DID make it… so I wasn’t scrambling around at the last minute.  I was stressed enough spending almost 2 months to get the prelims stuff put together.  Let alone having 24-48 hours to put Finals stuff together if I made it.
Yeah.  It was all insane.
Anyway.  Before I show you this gown, I should mention that I was representing Greece.  That would explain the elegant simplicity behind the gown she custom designed for me.  And the kicker?  Gowns aren’t really the ‘typical’ creations that she makes!  First of all, she’s a kick-ass gown maker for someone who doesn’t do it a lot.  And secondly, to my knowledge, she and I are the only two people who own this gown, because she hasn’t put it up for sale.  Again, gowns aren’t normally what she makes, so she never put it into her store.  I LOVE this dress and wear it every chance I get (and half of you models just cringed because I just admitted to wearing the same outfit more than once… haha!).
So… without further rambling from me… the amazing Queen of the Metaverse gown designed specifically for me by Aquilegia Gossipgirl of Bellydance Goddess:
(Look at the bottom and how gorgeously it flows!  Even just with my AO standing and rocking subtly.)
Now, with zooming out to show you the gown, you get to see a little bit of the venue that I photographed this post in.  I have a friend… Princessbbygurl Resident… and she happens to be a pretty amazing builder from what I’ve seen… even if she won’t admit it, or hasn’t built much.  From what she tells me, the original version of this build was done as a surprise for an ex.  But now she keeps it up in the sky and filled it with pillows for a discussion she leads at the Art of Submission M/s Academy, called Slave Journeys.  (Thursdays at 6:30pm SLT, if I remember correctly).
The build itself is so peaceful that I warned her I was going to use it to photograph for a blog post one day… well Princess, I did it!  *Giggles*  What better place to photograph a Greek dress than in a gazebo that is structured with pillars and a nice little pool at the front.  Very Greek.
Then again, it’s all Greek to me.
So why the Greek theme anyway?  WELL, that’s the exciting part!  Earlier this week I got a notecard from JeffLevin Resident, from Egoisme.  How in the world he’s seen my work when I’ve been blogging for such a short amount of time completely floors me, but I was honored to be included in the offer to begin blogging with Egoisme.  My first project was a new release, the Evian – Aphrodite skin.  Rumor has it this is only the FIRST release in a Gods and Goddesses set.  So of COURSE I had to pair my Greek Queen of the Metaverse dress with the first Goddess skin I was given.  I chose the darkest skintone they had, which, admittedly isn’t as dark as I normally like it, but the lightness allowed me to keep the red updo that I had originally paired with this dress when I was using a pale skin.
Needless to say, some people call blogging ‘work’… but when I’m given awesome creations and awesome venues like this to complete a blog with… if this is ‘work’, then I’d gladly ‘work’ for the rest of my SL.  😛
(The eyelashes are not built into the skin… they are mine.  Same with the red lipstick.  The normal lip for this skin is a neutral lip.)
*~*  Lights Will Guide You Home *~*
Shape: My personal shape
Skin: Evian – Aphrodite Skin – DARK (Dark brows) Cleavage One: Egoisme
Eyes: JABU Eyes – LightBlue: -DAMNED-
Hair: Waiting For Tonight – Rouge (with tiara pin in Silver): Exile *~* mesh *~*
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look** Eyelashes: Crissy Designs
Makeup (eyeshadow): Eyeshadow Black Smoke (comes with skin): Egoisme
Makeup (lipstick): Classic Lipstick – Pinup Red: Pink Fuel
Gown: Miss Greece Queen Goddess Draped Gown: Bellydance Goddess
Necklace: Greek_Kolje: Dark Moon
Earrings: Caged Pearl Drop Earrings: Earthstones
Nose Stud: Nose Diamond: envi
Ring: Legends Family Name Women’s Wedding Ring: JCNY
Nails: Square Medium Frosted Flowers: MoonDance Boutique

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