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From the Place I Was to the Place I Am to the Place I Want to Be…

(Featuring designs from Sascha’s Designs, TRUTH Hair, WTG, and many more…)
*~* Miss Metaverse Prelims #1 *~*
I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to be able to blog this stuff… *Giggles*  And then when I did, I told myself I was going to blog it in the order that the judges saw it… keep it more realistic, you know?  But of course, there is a wonderful person out there named Sascha Frangilli.  When I went to Sascha with the fact that I was in this pageant, told her a little about it, and about representing Greece and how excited I was, she seemed pretty eager to help.  Granted, she wasn’t, like, jumping out of her seat, grabbing my hands and hopping around with me like we were six years old and found out a boy liked me… but she was quick to offer opinions, show me designs, and leave it all open to me.  Whatever I felt I needed, I could ask her for.
Now, she gets really angry at me, because there is a heavy difference between how Europeans and Americans communicate.  Americans, for lack of a better term, beat around the bush when it comes to A LOT of things… and we hide behind the facade that we are just trying to be polite.  Sascha has pretty much gotten in the habit of ignoring me while I ramble on in my “attempting to be polite”, beating around the bush way, and really only pays attention when I get to the point.  So while I’m saying, “Well I really like the look and simplicity of this gown, but I don’t know if it will work the way I want it to… I just want something simple, yet elegant…” she took the opportunity to poke around in Photoshop.  30 minutes later, when she looked at the window again, I’d made a decision and had finally actually asked for the Gown.
Envy – in Blue.
Let me tell you, this gown could not have been more perfect if she’d made it specifically for me.  Sascha is a genius with women’s formal wear and I can’t possibly thank her enough for her sponsorship of me in this pageant.  I could feel confident styling this gown with most anything and the clothing would not get in the way but would also not be out-shined by the jewelry.  Being very versatile with MULTIPLE skirt options, I could make sure to wear the gown in whatever way worked for the runway, the poses, and the mood I was trying to set.
Sascha, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.  You really helped make this experience amazing for me.
(This was the shot the judges of the pageant got in my style card.)
*~* From the Place I Was to the Place I Am to the Place I Want to Be *~*
Shape: My personal shape
Skin: Petal[Dark] Pout 2 – Brat 1: Curio
Eyes: JABU Eyes – LightBlue: -DAMNED-
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**: Crissy Designs
Makeup (Eyes&Blush): Cosmo: Madrid Solo
Makeup (Lipstick): KMTD Lipstick 12: -DAMNED-
Hair: Soleil w/Roots – Cherry: TRUTH Hair
Nails: Square Medium Neon Stripes (Blueberry): MoonDance Boutique
Gown: Envy – Blue (with Battleship Skirt): Sascha’s Designs  ***donated as sponsorship***
Shoes: CAPRICE – “Platine”: N-Core
Necklace&Earrings: Drops-S (with Sapphire jewel): WTG
Ring (left hand): LEGENDS Family Name Women’s Wedding Ring: JCNY
Nose Stud: Nose Diamond: envi
Poses: New Baroque 1-10: *PosESioN*

2 thoughts on “From the Place I Was to the Place I Am to the Place I Want to Be…

  1. God woman, you made me laugh so hard as it is so true…. I really want people to come to the point where they say: this is what I want and need, can you do it? LOL. I really laughed very hard! Hope you got through.Hugggggs


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